Once you possess a unique AS design, you want to cherish it forever. To preserve its shine, capture glimmers from miles away, and have it gracefully passed through generations, you diligently watch over the precious gemstones and noble metals. With these meticulously devised precautions, the jewelry maintains its elegant Parisian look for an extended period.

Wearing your piece of jewelry

Be cautious and do not wear Atelier Savoir:

  • during bathing, brushing, gardening, and dishwashing: Extreme temperatures and chemical components such as chlorine, ammonia, and saltwater can damage the jewelry.
  • during sports activities: The acidic pH of the skin affects the jewelry, and solid equipment or hard impacts can cause damage to the jewelry.
  • during the application of cosmetics, perfume, and other skincare products: The chemicals present can dull the shine of the jewelry.

Taking care of your piece of jewelry

Preserve the beauty of the quality gemstones and metals by:

  • keeping jewelry separated in a protective box or tarnish-resistant pouch.
  • clean gold jewelry with warm water and a soft brush, then dry it with a velvet cloth.
  • store jewelry in a safe, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • have them professionally cleaned: bring the jewelry to the workshop annually for necessary care.